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The Obama administration will spend billions of dollars installing new or upgrading existing wireless broadband services for public schools. These

provisions are in stark contrast to Federal Communications Commission regulations, which will seize school WiMAX (2.5 GHz Educational Broadband

Services) licenses where school districts do not comply with build out requirements for their licenses.

This WiMAX The Educational Broadband Services Solution ( ) paper will make the case for

WiMAX as the most effective wireless broadband technology for educational services enabling school districts to keep their 2.5 GHz licenses. In a

time of economic downturn in the private sector, industry players would be well advised to “follow the money” into major public sector initiatives

related to broadband internet services in education.

Major Points in Publication:

– Educational Broadband Services licenses (2.5 GHz) will be forfeited by school districts and other license holders that do not build out networks by

May 01, 2011
– School districts holding those licenses are not protected by subletting to large commercial operators (Sprint, Clear, etc)
– Understanding the education technology market (its not the same as enterprise or mobile)
– Why WiMAX is the best technology for this application
– Why WiMAX is the best complement to a one-to-one computing program
– The “3 A’s: Access, Applications and Affordability” of WiMAX in Education
– Breakthroughs in video over WiMAX: HDTV on 1 Mbps WiMAX
– “The 5% Solution”: one-to-one computing and WiMAX for 5% of a school district’s annual per-student allocation

Target Audience

WiMAX vendors: this will prove to be a very lucrative niche market for those willing to focus on it and adjust their sales and marketing strategy

Laptop vendors: They will sell many more laptops more quickly if the laptops can be networked to the school intranet or Internet via a low-cost

WiMAX network.
Computer chip vendors: 45 million public school students using WiMAX-enabled laptops will sell a lot of chips.
Network devices vendors: WiMAX deployments to schools will sell a lot of routers, servers and other devices.
Carriers: new technologies such as WiMAX may disrupt their traditional business and how to “turn the retreat into a parade”
Educators: How can the instructional yield from one-to-one computing be multiplied using WiMAX?
School administrators: What is WiMAX and why is it so important to instruction?
State/Federal/School finance professionals: provides strategies in paying for multi-million dollar WiMAX deployments

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