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Wireless Sensor Network Technology Trends Report will particularly invade home and building applications. This new report demonstrates that while the usual listing of home security, entertainment and lighting control, automated fire containment and alarm, burglar deterrence, etc. are all important, the application in energy use monitoring and utility management will be immense.

The report finds that nearly 70% of the average household utility bill could be influenced by WSN application to temperature and lighting. It also establishes that home and building owners can use interactive energy management tools to create energy management profiles that are triggered by certain established consumption rates. As energy consumption exceeds a specific point, the WSN can automatically begin turning off low priority lighting, heating, and cooling zones, using wireless humidity and temperature sensors as well as lighting and access monitors. Wireless outdoor motion sensors could remain active while other specific energy consumers could be dimmed.

Other sectors are likely to be strongly influenced by the adoption of WSN technology. The Industrial Sector is likely to undergo workflow churn as WSN applications increase safety, reliability and efficiency of industrial facilities. Frequency agility requirements are driving evolution toward industrial standards. AMR management proves a very significant opportunity in the Utilities Sector. And finally, the growth of personal and national security demand drives considerable growth in WSN, in border control, access, and defense, etc.

WSN technologies are becoming available in more useful forms than simple protocol specifications and chipsets. Modules are becoming more sophisticated and more capable of meeting the demands of a broadmarket opportunity. Fortunately module and development kit pricing has dropped over the last 6 months while functionality has increased.

The state of the global economy may have unforeseen influence on the adoption of WSN technologies. European Government mandates strengthening market hold on WSN. Meanwhile, slow economic growth in US changes direction of WSN market expansion.

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