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Military Communications and COTS 2009 2019: A Market in Retreat

Adoption of new commercially-available platforms and technologies has fuelled a global military communications industry worth more than $15bn per annum. Prime beneficiaries of this trend have included suppliers of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products and services to the military. Is the global military communications market now a market in retreat? This new defence report – Military Communications & COTS 2009-2019 – discusses those and other important matters in depth.


The importance of military communications
Today’s global military is inseparably bound up with technology, and with communications technology in particular. ‘Military communications’ encompasses a vast array of technologies and submarkets, including radios, satellites, software and embedded computer components.

Communications systems on the battlefield are now rightly regarded as an essential component of mission success. For soldiers on the ground, radios and other communications devices are lifelines. They are needed to summon fire support or seek casualty evacuation, or simply to confirm their location or receive new instructions. For commanders in nearby command posts or headquartered hundreds of miles away, communications are vital for giving orders or simply pinpointing the location of their forces.

Opportunities for providers of milcoms technology
Although providers of products and solutions in this field must be aware that the high cost of platforms, coupled with the global financial crisis, may limit demand in the near future, the market for military communications is also likely to be supported by a number of powerful demand drivers, notably the need for allied information advantages in large-scale, operations such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pockets of opportunity within the global military communications market will remain very strong, despite the many constraining economic forces likely to impact upon military budgets during our forecast period to 2019. We believe that exposure to the right procurement programmes will therefore be critical to contractors’ success in the challenging period ahead. We also identify the key areas of opportunity for COTS providers in the airborne, open architecture, UAV, satellite, tactical radio, maritime, embedded and wireless broadband arenas, among others.

Key features of the report:
• Global military communications market sales forecasts, 2009-2019
• US military communications market sales forecasts, 2009-2019
• Up-to-date defence sales forecasts for 11 leading military markets: the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, China and India (including post 2009-10 fiscal year US defence budget announcement analysis)
• Expert, post-credit crisis opinion from industry specialists in military communications and related sectors, including full interview transcripts from our original survey
• A profile of the major purchasers of COTS military communications equipment and services in these 11 leading military markets
• A profile of 100 major vendors of military communications equipment and services
• An examination of the key drivers and restraints for the global military communications market, including SWOT analysis
• In-depth analysis of the key COTS technologies involved in military communications and our view of their future prospects.

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