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It is imperative that WiMAX service providers build and maintain their own “middle mile” infrastructure backhaul networks. This is especially true of rural areas where the incumbent telephone company has the only “middle mile” connection to the outside world. Any service provider that might pose a competitive threat to the incumbent would be wise to avoid relying on that incumbent competitor for their vital connection to an IP backbone.

In addition, any service provider vying for federal grants or loans to build new “last mile” broadband access would be wise to demonstrate to federal officials that they have constructed an independent middle mile that provides a “diverse path” or a redundant connection to the Internet for the communities to be served.

Key Findings:

Building a Last Mile broadband network without a diverse and robust Middle Mile to support it will be a waste of grant dollars. Wireless backhaul solutions such as licensed microwave and gigabit Ethernet solutions provide very cost effective alternatives to expensive fiber optic cabling (and trenching).

Wireless backhaul solutions are just as reliable as fiber optic cable

Wireless backhaul networks can be planned in a matter of days as opposed to years for fiber optic cabling

Wireless Middle Mile infrastructure may be an important priority for the BTOP


Public sector IT directors

Incumbent telecom operators

WiMAX solution providers

Vendors for WiMAX and/or the enterprise industries

Enterprise personnel responsible for computing and communications

Investors in the WiMAX space and/or enterprise automation

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