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HTML clipboardThe Middle East and Africa pharmaceutical industry ( ) is entering a new era, with the development of infrastructure system and rapidly changing regulations. The industry is blessed with several advantages like high prevalence of diseases, huge population base and many more, reflecting bight prospects of growth in coming years. With these supportive factors, the pharmaceutical industry in the MEA region is expected to outperform the pharmaceutical industry of other regions in near future.

According to new analytical research study “Middle East and Africa Pharma Sector Forecast to 2012”, the pharmaceutical market in the region is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 11% during 2010-2012. Presently, the market is characterized by major changes in regulation policies of every country. Anticipating the future growth, many private key players are investing heavily in the industry to get a pie of the chunk.

This report has found that the countries like South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Israel are currently dominating the pharmaceutical industry of the whole region. These countries have better position than others in terms of infrastructure and regulatory environment. It also found that MEA pharmaceutical industry is based on import, with most of the drugs and therapeutics are procured from overseas countries and generics hold a majority share. The governments of respective countries are trying to increase their domestic production by investing heavily in the industry. Overall, the growth of the industry is expected to bolster in near future.

The report also provides extensive information on the Middle East and Africa pharmaceutical market, with detailed description of country level market. It also highlights several emerging market trends like generics, healthcare insurance market, etc. The research study gives detailed statistical and analytical review of healthcare demographics, key drivers and restraints. It contains comprehensive information along with rational analysis that will help clients to draw up market strategies and assess opportunity areas in the Middle East and Africa pharmaceutical market.

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