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HTML clipboardlatest defence report – The Military Aircraft Avionics Market 2009-2019 ( ) reveals the dynamic opportunities presented by one of the defence industry’s few growing markets. Our market study examines leading users of military aircraft avionics systems, and explores the operational requirements which are driving global growth in this sector. We assess the commercial prospects and outlook for companies offering military aircraft avionics systems. This analytical report defines the current state of the military aircraft avionics market and discusses its potential for growth from 2009 onwards, with market forecasting at the global and national levels.

Globally there are a multitude of factors which are driving increased research, development, procurement and deployment of military aircraft avionics systems. Within this report we analyse, quantify and forecast the market for the following sub-sectors of the military aircraft avionics market –

* Fast jet / training aircraft
* Transporter / airlift aircraft
* Helicopters
* Manned airborne ISR aircraft
* UAVs.
* Forward-fit avionics
* Retro-fit avionics

We examine the combination of factors that are driving the increased retro-fitting of avionics systems by air forces around the world. The upgrading of military aircraft avionics systems is expected to increase steadily over the next decade, despite general economic uncertainty and pressure on defence budgets. Military decision-makers are developing operational strategies to benefit from the latest avionics technology to maximise the potential of the modern network centric warfare environment.

The Military Aircraft Avionics Market 2009-2019 report examines the global market for military aircraft avionics systems from an impartial standpoint. The report offer a review of contracting activity, and products and services, based on our analysis of information obtained from multiple sources. The report draws on official corporate and governmental announcements, media reports, policy documents, industry statements and expert opinion. The Military Aircraft Avionics Market 2009-2019 report provides detailed sales forecasts for the global military aircraft avionics market and leading national markets; a SWOT analysis; discussions of commercial and technological trends; and assessments of commercial drivers and restraints. This report also includes in-depth original interviews with industry experts. This package of analyses cannot be obtained anywhere else.

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