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The Changing MSL Role: Proving Value through Performance Measurement (PH 115) report ( ) assesses that In the past, medical science liaisons (MSLs) served a traditional role as scientific support to sales. But market realities, including fewer drug approvals and increasing regulatory demands, have led companies to put a premium on building productive relationships with key opinion leaders and supporting company objectives through medical education.

Today, MSLs are evolving into a more independent, highly strategic function. Innovative companies rely heavily on MSLs’ scientific expertise to support educational, training, research and clinical initiatives. MSLs are emerging as solutions-driven knowledge workers and as peer-level conduits to leaders in the medical community. Through MSLs, thought leaders gain access to company decision-makers in areas such as clinical development, medical affairs, and marketing.

MSLs are in a pivotal position to influence corporate strategy. Forward-thinking organizations that recognize MSLs’ shift in responsibilities and leverage the function’s scientific expertise can adapt their strategies to measure MSL performance. They are ultimately better poised for success.

This study covers these key aspects of MSL programs:

* Structure, Budgets and Staffing: This section details companies’ structuring and alignment strategies, investment levels, and headcounts.

* MSL Qualifications and Performance Measurement: This section explores the increasing educational and clinical experience required for MSL candidates. It includes compensation data. It also examines ways in which companies gauge MSL effectiveness and contributions to company goals.

* Field Force Strategies and Communication: This section outlines MSL activities and responsibilities. It also examines the connections between sales forces and MSLs in the new compliance environment and provides recommendations for integrated communications between those groups.

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