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Global Server Virtualization Software Market 2008-2012 report ( ) refers to the segregation of an existing physical server into multiple servers called virtual servers, using Virtualization software. In this process, the server’s operating system is detached from its physical hardware, devising a ?virtual machine. Each virtual machine is capable of running its own operating systems and applications to the extent that each virtual machine can be independently rebooted. Moreover, virtual machines with diverse operating systems can be run simultaneously on the same physical host server, sharing the same hardware resources.

Server Virtualization helps organizations reconfigure their IT environment, easily and rapidly (depending on the need of the business), besides speeding up and improving the underpinnings of their IT related infrastructure. Also, server virtualization helps in streamlining server management and security concerns and obtaining considerable improvements in the services offered. Implementation of new services and management of the already existing ones can also be improved using server virtualization, which helps in reducing the overall IT management cost for the organization. Further, server virtualization enables more workload per hardware required, thus requiring lesser number of servers and infrastructure to maintain the optimum temperature of server rooms. This significantly reduces the operating expenses of the company. Moreover, with the uncertainty in the global economy, companies desire to keep their operating expenses low.

In the recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of providers of virtualization solutions. In order to sustain themselves, the new players are attracting key employees in this space from existing organizations. The report provides insights about the market estimates of the virtual servers market, worldwide, and the market segmentation based on geographies. It also provides information regarding the current market trends, growth drivers, and inhibitors in the Server virtualization market.

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