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Special Research on Vegetable Seed Market of China in 2009 report ( ) As the primary component of planting cost, seeds are at the upstream of the industry of produce, and competitiveness of the seed market decides the initiative of competition in agriculture. China is a big agricultural State, and the utilization amount of seeds for planting purpose is over 12.5 billion kg per year. The capacity of the market of seeds of hybrid corn, hybrid rice, vegetables and cotton surpassed 31.5 billion yuan in 2008. The huge market makes the seed industry of China the focus of capital investment.

The competition of the seed market of China is relatively scattered, there is a large quantity of seed companies but of small scales, hence the concentration level of the seed industry is low. The thick profit, huge market, technical and policy barriers make the seed industry an eye catching sub sector of agriculture. Alongside the constant standardization of the seed market in China in late years, there have been mergers now and then. How is the current status of the seed market of China? How is the competition of the segmented markets of different varieties? How will be the seed industry or policy development in 2009-2010? What is the trend?

we organized experts on market, technology and finance to have an accurate, objective, comprehensive and systematic in-depth analysis of the market, enterprises and policy of the seed industry, and compiled a portrait of the current status of China’s seed market comprehensively and thoroughly. Also, professional viewpoints on the development direction of the seed market were concluded for reference. This report is one of the series of reports which cover China’s corn seed market, rice seed market, vegetable seeds market and cotton seed market. The special report on vegetable seeds market has in-depth research on vegetable seeds and the main segmented markets of different varieties. The segmented markets are seeds of tomato, cucumber, eggplant, chili, Chinese cabbage, radish, cabbage, carrot, celery and cowpea. This research report aims to have an accurate understanding of the development direction of China’s vegetable seeds market from 2009-2010 through analysis of the market, analysis of import and export and analysis key seed companies.

This report is a rare special research for industrial investors, strategic investors and large-scale seed companies both from home and abroad that pay attention to China’s seed industry. This report can also be an important reference for Titans in the seed or related industries, research institutions; investment banks, funds or security agencies that wish to learn the current status of China’s seed industry understand the trend or find investment opportunities.

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