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Middle East Transport & Logistics 2010
The Middle East-a resilient but challenging market report ( ) assesses that Many of the Middle East economies have proved to be amongst the most resilient in the world—riding out the global economic downturn. However even this oil and gas rich region has not been totally immune, as evidenced by the need for Abu Dhabi to bale out its neighbour Dubai following the collapse of its construction and real estate markets. Despite this the underlying fundamentals for growth in the region’s transport and logistics industry are still very good. Plans to create air and sea hubs at various locations are well underway.

The Gulf States in particular have shown breathtaking ambition in their development of ports and airports, and investment in road and rail projects is still on-going despite the crisis in the financial sector. Other countries in the region also have plans to develop their transport infrastructure. Egypt and Jordan, for instance, have realised that economic growth is only possible if a vibrant supply-side logistics industry exists, and the necessary infrastructure has been built to move goods in and out of their countries. Perhaps one of the most challenging issues faced by companies wishing to serve the region is its lack of homogeneity. Vibrant economies with strong transport, IT, regulatory and legislative systems are located next to closed, and in the case of Iraq , war-torn countries.

To navigate their way through this complex environment many international companies use local partners but, as has been shown by companies such as Kuwait-headquartered Agility, the challenges can also bring about many opportunities.

* Middle East Transport & Logistics 2010, profiling all the major countries in the region, will enable you to answer the following questions:
* What are the major trends affecting the development of the Middle Eastern logistics industry?
* Which are the biggest ports and airports in the region and where are they?
* Where are the biggest logistics infrastructure development projects?
* Which companies are developing pan-Middle Eastern road networks?
* How big are the Express Parcels, Contract Logistics and Freight Forwarding industries and how fast are they growing?
* What plans are there to develop the rail industry?
* What are the challenges involved in developing cross-border services?
* How are the biggest locally based logistics providers performing?

This report is specifically written to provide easily accessible and understandable information to:

* Consultants and Financial Analysts
* Logistics Directors and Managers
* Marketing Directors and Managers
* Knowledge and Research Managers

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