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The US Pharmaceutical Market 2009-2024 report ( ) assesses that what will happen next in the world’s largest pharma market? Our new market study explains, letting you know the implications of change.
– Including over 65 tables, graphs and figures

The United States has by far the world’s largest pharmaceutical market. In the twelve months to Q2 2009, the US accounted for 41% of world pharmaceutical sales. Its vast economy, high standard of living, minimal pricing controls and strong intellectual property rights help make it the world’s most dominant pharma market. The US also has one of the most stringent regulatory environments in the world. This brand new report – US Pharmaceutical Market 2009-2024 – will provide you with extensive information about the US pharma market and industry to benefit your work. This report presents the information you really need to know, to assess this market in light of impending changes.

US Pharmaceutical Market 2009-2024 gives you current information and analyses you need to understand the following aspects of the US pharmaceuticals market, in particular:
• The regulatory environment
• The healthcare distribution system
• The prevalence and relevance of the insurance industry
• The pricing system for pharmaceuticals
• Government-run Medicare and Medicaid systems
• Direct-to-consumer advertising
• The legal and regulatory status of generics.

The US has been the world’s most prominent pharma market for a long time, but what will happen next? Can the market sustain growth and, if so, by how much? What will happen when Lipitor’s patent expires? Will the US market for cardiovascular treatments grow or shrink? What about the US market for cancer treatments? This report also includes interviews with three experts – Dr May Mak, Dr Donald Light and Mr Charlie Mayr – to provide additional insight into current market factors, looking ahead.

Crucial questions answered by this report – the main benefits of US Pharmaceutical Market 2009-2024

This new report provides a range of vital information, and answers a variety of questions. You will benefit from answers to crucial questions such as the following:
• Will the US market grow more quickly from 2009 to 2014, or from 2014 to 2019?
• Which treatment categories will grow in value? Which will shrink?
• What impact will patent expiries have on the cardiovascular market? On the mental health treatments market?
• Why will insulin sales increase significantly?
• What regulatory conditions make the US an attractive location for R&D?
• Will sales of generic drugs increase by value through to 2024? How much will they increase by volume?
• What are the major points of the healthcare reform bills? How will healthcare reform change insurance coverage?
• What are the restraints on the US OTC market? What are its drivers?
• What is Medicaid Part D? What will happen to pharma revenues if legislation for Part D changes?
• What will be THE major growth area for pharmaceuticals in the US from 2010 onwards?

Medical spending in the US is the highest per capita in the world. The US is the world-leader in sales and consumption of new drugs, but will this trend continue? How much more growth can the US market achieve? Which aspects of its market will prosper the most from 2009 to 2024?

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