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Global Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015 report ( ) provides detailed assessment of the global MEMS industry with market revenue forecasts to 2015. The research covers revenue shares of the various MEMS products such as inkjet heads, accelerometers, gyroscope, pressure sensors, microphones, RF MEMS and others. The report identifies the key growth regions of the world for MEMS products sales in the section that provides region-wise analysis. It also reviews the revenue trends for the major MEMS end-users that include consumer electronics, automotive and aeronautics, medical and life science, industrial and other emerging segments. The report’s treatment of the global ultracapacitor market is comprehensive with dedicated sections on technology landscape, competitive landscape, investment trends, and regulatory framework.

Small Form Factor and Low Costs are Driving the Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Market
Compact size, light weight and low costs are driving the demand for MEMS products across various applications. The small form factor of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) enables them to fit on a broad range of products including mobile phones, digital cameras, motion games, blood pressure monitoring, airbags, hands free communication systems, inertial measurement units (IMU), laptops, iPods, hearing aid, pillcams and so on. MEMS technology is the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators and electronics on a compact silicon chip through micro fabrication technology. MEMS products provide the optimal solution to consumer electronics applications that require cheap components.

Consumer Electronics and Medical Applications will be the Cornerstone of Growth for MEMS Products
It estimates the MEMS market in consumer electronics to grow at a CAGR of 19.8% during the forecast period 2009–2015. MEMS products used in consumer electronics include accelerometers, gyroscope, microphones, microdisplays, pressure sensors and many more. MEMS products demand in the consumer electronic application is primarily driven by their low cost and compact size. Industry experts support the prediction of robust growth of the MEMS products in the consumer electronics and medical applications. They support the belief that the growing medical and pharmaceutical infrastructure in developing countries and increasing trend to spend on health care in developed countries is driving the MEMS demand in medical applications. In medical applications, MEMS products find their application in various diagnostic applications, blood pressure monitoring, cancer detecting, inhalers, microneedles, microfluidic devices, kidney dialysis and so on.

Choice of Final Packaging — an Area of Concern
The choice of final packaging has the biggest effect on the final cost and hence need to become a primarily focus. Packaging, combined with tests, constitutes nearly 60% of the total cost. The search for cheaper and standardized packages that do not compromise the product’s performance has become the primary focus for MEMS designers. The current primitive state of the packaging of MEMS devices and systems needs to improve considerably. MEMS manufacturers across the globe are involved in a lot of R&D to strengthen their position in the packaging process and develop a new and specialized package for each of their new devices.

MEMS Demand in Automotive is Expected to have Accelerated Growth 2012 Onwards
The demand for MEMS products in automotive applications has been directly hit by the global economic recession. The MEMS products market experienced a negative growth rate during 2008 and 2009. The industry experts, estimates that there will be accelerated growth of MEMS products in the automotive applications from 2012 onwards. This growth is expected because of government mandates for Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems. Interviews with industry experts corroborates the expectation of high growth of the MEMS devices in automotive sector from 2012 onwards due to rapid take off of ESC systems in the US and Europe.

Energy Harvesting and other Emerging MEMS Applications will Provide a Much-Needed Boost to the MEMS Market
MEMS products’ ability to facilitate development of new disruptive technologies and enhancement of current markets efficiency will drive their demand in energy harvesting and other emerging applications. In energy applications, MEMS hold the potential to be used in new energy sources such as fuel cell battery systems, process control systems (PCS), energy conversation systems, discovering energy deposits and so on. MEMS highly sensitive small form sensors offer a promising solution to image, monitor and test conditions directly at remote oilfield sites. The global MEMS market in other applications including telecommunications, energy, defense and others is expected to have a robust compound annual growth of 41% during the forecast period 2009–2015.

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