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Oilfield Services Companies in Russia 2009 report ( ) assesses that Amid challenging economic situation 2009 has been a year of further consolidation of the oilfield services market in Russia, as a result of acquisitions, divestitures, mergers and alliances across all segments of the oilfield services industry. Current couple of years will show how mature and strong the market players are and who will come out of the crisis stronger.

Oilfield Services Companies in Russia 2009 is the most detailed analysis of the key market segments:

* drilling
* well workovers
* seismic survey and geophysics
* intensification of oil production

Oilfield Services Companies in Russia 2009 presents over 120 detailed profiles of oilfield services companies grouped by the above mentioned segments.

Every company profile contains:

* brief description
* corporate structure (including subsidiaries)
* regions of operation
* list of services offered
* major customers
* operation facilities and indicators (2008 year-end)
* financial indicators (2008 year-end)

Oilfield Services Companies in Russia 2009 covers all types of market players:

* service departments of vertically-integrated companies
* oilfield service holdings (with profiles of subsidiaries)
* independent Russian oilfield services companies
* international oilfield services companies (including their earlier acquired Russian subsidiaries)

Oilfield Services Companies in Russia 2009 is a source of valuable information for:

* oil and gas companies
* services companies
* equipment manufacturers and suppliers
* banks and investment companies

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