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The Affluent Market in Australia report ( ) provides an attractive market for financial institutions to target because of the wealth they hold. Australia Financial Services Survey captures opinion from 406 affluent individuals.


* Details who wealthy consumers consider to be their main financial provider, and associated branding attributes of banks.
* Discusses affluent product trends for credit cards and HISA including number of accounts, which provider they are with and why they were selected.
* Analyses how affluent Australians plan to fund their retirement and the use of financial planners.


The majority of wealthy respondents said they would only buy financial products from an established provider. This is good news for the leading providers with a long history in the market as their brands are likely to be more appealing to customers who look for safety and security from a bank.

While leveraging existing relationships should boost HISA numbers, offering a better rate is likely to be the biggest determinate for attracting completely new clients and should be the focus for providers trying to break into the market.

Wealthy consumers are likely to have more credit cards because of their financial position and lifestyle. These individuals typically have high incomes that allow them to pay off their monthly repayments and maintain a high standard of living.

Reasons to Purchase

* Review how wealthy individuals view your brand and which banks lead the market in the consumers eye.
* Identify affluent product trends including what factors influenced them to select their main account provider.
* Learn what improvements wealthy individuals would like to see from financial planners.

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