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Bharatbook added a new report on “Innovations and NPD in Dairy: Emerging opportunities, flavor trends and new healthy, ethical and premium products” which gives current & future market scenario of Dairy products.

Innovations and NPD in Dairy: Emerging opportunities, flavor trends and new healthy, ethical and premium products report ( ) assesses that there are three significant trends in dairy product innovation: emotional wellbeing, functional health and indulgence products. The importance of these drivers is set to increase as consumers demand more from dairy products.

Products which deliver mood management are coming onto the market. Manufacturers are using textural enhancements, functional botanicals and emotive language to position their product as beneficial to emotional wellbeing. The naturally occurring appetite suppressants in milk are being supplemented with other natural functional ingredients to enhance its weight managemtn potential. Dairy products are also being positioned as an aid to sport because of the naturally occurring nutrients which offer energy and muscle repair. Indulgence has also been to the fore as many consumers look to treat themselves to small affordable luxuries during the tough economic climate. A number of dairy manufacturers are incorporating a sense of indulgence into their products through indulgent ingredients, packaging and provenance.

Key features of this report

•Analysis of sales values for dairy in North America, South & Central America, Western Europe, eastern Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Asia-Pacific.
•Coverage of yogurt, milk, cheese, spreadable fats, cream, fromage frais and chilled desserts.
•Country analysis showing the top opportunities for increased sales of dairy categories.
•Draws on 13,612 dairy product launches that took place globally between 2006 and 2009.

Scope of this report

•Understand each regional market in terms of absolute size as well as the future potential of each type of product.
•Inform your sales team and/or export department by prioritising the geographical markets best suited to your current range of products.
•Evaluate whether you should be looking beyond your current product portfolio for future opportunities.

Key Market Issues

• Consumer demand for natural functionality is the overriding driver of the dairy product market.
• Four issues are affecting innovation in dairy products – questions over product safety, the fat content of dairy products, water use and methane production in dairy, and allergies and intolerances .
• Concerns have arisen over the possible effects of Bovine TB, and the use of human growth hormones on human health through dairy consumption.

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