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Bharatbook added a new report on “The Global Oil Refineries Market 2010-2020” which gives market forecasts, SWOT analysis and future of the Oil Refineries Market globally.
The Global Oil Refineries Market 2010-2020 ( ) is our brand new energy report. This unique one-off report analyses the latest trends in the oil refining industry and anticipates its progression in the market over the next decade. The report also surveys recent successes and failures among major companies and reveals where the market will experience growth, laying out the markets strengths and weaknesses with global and regional forecasts, so that you can make key decisions now. Our analysis, only available here, reveals that global spending on acquiring new refineries and upgrading and maintaining existing refineries will reach $39.3bn in 2010. This information is not available elsewhere, and offers you a one-stop answer to vital business decisions.

The Global Oil Refineries Market 2010-2020 report examines one of the most important and dynamic aspects of the oil industry at a time when the market is experiencing a significant geographic shift. Our market study analyses the substantial regional variations in the global market, describes technological changes and trends, and incorporates a wealth of data. 2009 was a difficult year for refineries in many parts of the world, and this report discusses the market in detail, explaining how and why it will change over the forecast period 2010-2020.

The report also discusses how technological issues will impact the construction and engineering of refineries, as many new refineries are likely to be built in various regional markets, providing significant opportunities for engineering contractors with the capacity to work on oil infrastructure projects. As the global oil refineries market undergoes these changes, the future of the industry will look very different, leading to closures of some refineries whilst providing opportunities elsewhere. These opportunities are described in detail within this report – you must read this information today.

Comprehensive analysis of the global market

The Global Oil Refineries Market, 2010-2020 examines this important sector critically. We supply a comprehensive review of contracts via analysis of policy documents, news reports, industry publications, market analysis and consultations with experts. This report provides detailed market forecasts, a SWOT analysis, technological developments and analyses of commercial drivers and restraints. There are key, one-off, original interviews from key players in the field who provide insights into different aspects of the oil refineries industry and offer their own analysis. You will not find these analyses anywhere else.

Why your prospects should buy The Global Oil Refineries Market 2010-2020

* The main benefits from purchasing this report:
* You will gain an understanding of the current global oil refineries market and how it will evolve over the next decade
* You will receive global sales forecasts for the period 2010-2020
* You will receive regional sales forecasts for the period 2010-2020
* You will gain insight into the market drivers and restraints influencing the oil refinery market over the period 2010-2020
* You will gain insight into major important game-changing technological developments within the oil refining industry
* You will gain knowledge of who the leading players are within the oil refining marketplace
* You will receive a SWOT analysis for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for oil refiners from 2010-2020
* You will read original interviews, with expert views from players working on projects that will define the future of the oil refineries market, who offer insights into the analysis as well as their own reflections on the market.

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