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Bharatbook added a new report on “Report on Proposed Thermal Power Projects in India” which gives a broad picture of the opportunities available in the Indian power sector.

Report on Proposed Thermal Power Projects in India report ( ) assesses that In the past decade, with the global focus shifting on India and China, the task of developing a strong backbone in terms of our infrastructure has come on the fore front, for which electricity is the most critical component. At present majority of the India’s power needs are satisfied through thermal power based mainly on coal and gas. Till November 30, 2009, India’s total installed generation capacity is 155,859 MW out of which nearly 64% is thermal. The government in the current plan (2007-2012) has envisaged a capacity addition of 78,700 MW, of which 59693 MW shall be in the form of thermal power. Further as per the latest estimate by CEA, only 62,374 MW is expected be added in XI plan with high degree of certainty. Around 1,06,470 MW of capacity is set to be added in XII plan including 82,810 MW (Coal- 69,810 MW and Gas – 13,000 MW) of thermal power.

In India there are about 200 thermal power projects in proposal stage, out which 58 projects were covered in the previous edition (Proposed Thermal Power Projects in India – 2009). This report captures another 55 proposed projects under various stages of clearances with latest details. The report shall thus give all the existing information regarding these new projects along with an analysis of the Indian thermal power sector including the planned capacity additions, status of fuel availability, private sector participation and major hurdles faced in the development of thermal power projects.

It has taken an effort towards identifying and analyzing the proposed thermal power projects for benefit in XII plan. Approximately 74,945 MW of thermal power is proposed to come up in the XII plan through the 55 projects analyzed in this report. These projects have been explained across various parameters such as installed capacity, unit configuration, technology (super-critical/sub-critical), fuel requirement & source, land requirement, water requirement, status of various regulatory clearances, ash utilization etc. with highest level accuracy.

The report shall be of prime importance to project developers, power equipment manufacturers, banks, financers, traders, consultants, etc because of its emphasis on the critical project specific parameters on which the 55 projects have been analysed. It will encapsulate all these important parameters and further give a broad picture of the opportunities available in the Indian power sector.

The key trends observed in the analysis of these 55 thermal projects are as follows-
• Out of the 74,945 MW being proposed and detailed in this report, around 65% is planned to come through the super-critical technology clearly indicating a move towards more efficient and environment friendly technology.
• About 94% of the proposed capacity is in the form of large capacities greater then 1,000 MW, demonstrating a shift to large installed capacities in order to reap economies of scale as well as to gain incentives from the government policies encouraging mega capacities.
• Thermal capacity addition will be dominated by coal based capacity addition as only 8% capacity is based on gas as a fuel and remaining 92% on coal.

• Promoter
• Location (District/Village/Taluk/State, Latitudes/Longitudes)
• Infrastructure Details (Nearest Town/Port/Airport/Railway/Highway)
• Proposed capacity and Unit configuration
• Fuel and Fuel Requirement / Source
• Land Requirement/Acquisition
• Water Requirement/Source
• Estimated cost
• Expected Commissioning date
• Key Regulatory Clearances viz. Consent for establishment of plant from State
Government, Environment clearance, Land Acquisition, Water Clearance, Stack Height
• Project Background with Project Location images/maps
• Land Requirement/Use Break-up and Site Comparison
• Estimated Water Requirement (Break-up)
• Fuel Specifications
• Fly Ash Utilization
• Solid Waste Management
• R&R
• Developer’s Contact Details

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