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Bharatbook added a new report on “Emerging Flavors in Food: Exotic, botanical and spicy influences, and future opportunities” which gives the main challenges facing the food and drinks flavors industry.

Emerging Flavors in Food: Exotic, botanical and spicy influences, and future opportunities report ( ) assesses that the Flavor is an integral part of how humans interact with and experience the world around them. Flavor is linked to our survival instinct and taste stimuli allowed the earliest humans to identify and select the most beneficial nutrients and avoid the poisonous ones. New research suggests that our experience of taste is programmed into our genes, and is influenced by factors as diverse as gender, ethnicity, upbringing, weight, and perception of color.

The flavor sector spans multiple industries globally; from food and beverage manufacturers to chemistry, biotechnology, genetic engineering, and horticulture. Current and emerging trends in taste and flavor are resulting in new challenges and new opportunities for the industry. This report will identify, evaluate, and demonstrate these trends, and outline some of the key ensuing market opportunities. .

Key features of this report

• Identifies the macro drivers that are shaping trends in the food industry and the tastes and flavors that are emerging as a result.
• Analyses the top and fastest growing flavors in 2009 across a range of food sectors,
• and the most popular product claims in each category.
• Provides a detailed industry perspective by outlining the regulatory and scientific developments impacting the flavor industry.
• Evaluates the key innovations in food flavoring and explores the leading scientific discoveries, company developments, and NPD.
• Assesses how macro trends and key industry issues will shape the future development of food and drinks flavors.

Scope of this report

• Identify the most popular flavors by category and sub-category and gain insight into the future potential of these flavors.
• Evaluate growth opportunities within food and drinks flavors and identify the emerging consumer segments and their market potential.
• Understanding the main challenges facing the food and drinks flavors industry, and establish how to gain competitive advantage.
• Gain insight into the latest scientific and technological and innovations driving the flavors industry.

Key questions answered

• What are the key global macro-economic and social drivers affecting food flavors in 2009?
• What flavor trends and opportunities are emerging from macro drivers?
• What are the top food flavors and product claims in each market sector in 2008-2009?
• Which flavors are growing in popularity, and which are declining?
• What are the emerging scientific and technological developments that are having the biggest impact on the industry

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