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3G Licensing in India

Bharatbook added a new report on “3G Licensing in India” which gives the 3G policy and current market scenario of 3G Licensing in India.

3G Licensing in India report ( ) assesses that the Indian telecom market is seeing a tremendous change as on one hand operators are anticipating an all out coming price war and on the other hand they are fighting the battle for 3G spectrum. So it is competition all the way from increasing the subscriber base and also in getting UMTS spectrum.

Implementation of 3G will require lot of investment in CAPEX and OPEX for the operators. There is also debate going on that this spectrum will be used for better voice services or for launching new data services. 3G will allow specific advantage to the Indian mobile operators to de-congest the voice networks and thus has a unique edge over more data driven technology WiMAX.

The last decade has seen a significant increase in number of subscribers and voice traffic and operators have driven the growth based on subscriber numbers. The next decade in India will change the telecom market dynamics as there is now demand and need for bandwidth consuming applications such as gaming, music download and video streaming for which operators need to add more capacity not only in network but also over the air.

As the Indian mobile market is growing and operators are making a big leap towards 3rd generation, this report will provide an understanding of 3G policy. The report also provides the revenue after the auction of spectrum.

Key Findings:

* The 3G will auction will bring potentially Rs 30,000 to 40,000 crore to government.
* 3G auction Schedule.
* 3G will help the operators to sell more data applications than Voice itself bringing ARPU.
* Minimum 3 spectrum slots will be on offer in 22 Circles.
* List of pre-qualified Bidders

Questions Answered in Report:

* What is overall circles and Spectrum to be allocated?
* What is the Final Schedule for 3G Auction in India?
* Who are the Pre-Qualified bidders?


* 3g infrastructure companies
* Investors in 3g infrastructure companies
* Anyone wanting a better understanding of the 3g situation in India

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