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Bharatbook added a new report on “Solar Energy Markets in India” which gives Major Players – their operational & financial performance in Solar Energy in India.

Solar Energy Markets in India

A steady forecasted growth for manufacturing sector would need more power generation in future. Govt of India has put special emphasis on the usage of clean energy by declaring incentives on renewable energy (wind, solar) which will play a great role in India’s energy map. Carbon emission reduction in terms of carbon credit will attract lots of investment in the renewable energy especially solar and wind energy. ( )

Why Solar Energy – the backdrop
• India is endowed with rich solar energy resource (300 sunny days / year) i.e. Over 5,000 trillion kilowatts of solar energy in a year.
• The average intensity of solar radiation received on India is 200 MW/km square (megawatt per kilometer square).
• Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) – Target of 20GW of Solar Power by 2022. The current installed capacity is only 9500 MW; giving vast opportunity for exploitation of renewable energy sources
• The Government is striving hard to push the solar power industry to make India a global leader by introducing grid based incentives and concessions in various duties in the recent budget (2010-11)

• Overview of Solar Energy markets – Global & India
• Market segments
• Solar Energy technologies & their growth
• Solar Photo Voltaic Industry Analysis
• Growth Drivers, Issues & Challenges
• Central & State Govt. Incentives
• Major Players – their operational & financial performance
• Major Solar Projects in India
• Future Outlook

Use this report to…
Know the International & National Agenda on Clean energy Initiatives
Understand the growth potential of Solar Energy Markets
Analyse business opportunities for solar PV industry
Know the business viability of solar technologies
Understand the impact of Govt. Schemes

• Comprehensive report on Energy Markets
• To gauge market potential of Solar Energy Markets
• To understand the Growth potential, raw materials for PV industry and its supply
• Analysis of government incentives for solar energy sector
• Business opportunities in solar energy

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