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Bharatbook added a new report on “Global Service Robotics Market” provides in-depth market estimates and forecast for Global Service Robotics Market.

Global Service Robotics Market

Service robots can be used to provide domestic aid for the elderly and disabled; serving various functions ranging from cleaning to entertainment. The high cost of labor in developed countries and the increasing need for assisted living has led to the development of the service robotics market. The saturation of industrial robotics industry also lends significant growth potential to this nascent market.

As service robots are in greater proximity to humans, the technology involves more safety concerns over human-machine interaction. However, developments in the manufacture of intelligent and safer robots are expected to soon address the issues of safety, manipulation, and sensing. Thus, leading robotics companies have begun preparing for the day when every home will have a robot. The stakeholders of the market will be benefited by key opportunities identified and analyzed in the report. Also, the key players, their developments and strategies have been analyzed and explained in the report.

Market estimates and forecasts

The report provides in-depth market estimates and forecast for the following global service robotics market:

Service Robotics by functions: Professional service Robots, Personal service robots, Field robots, Inspection and Maintenance robots, Construction and Demolition robots, Logistic system robots, Medical robots, Defense, Security and Surveillance robots, underwater robots, Domestic robots, Entertainment robots, Handicap assistance robots and Home Security and Surveillance robots.

Key questions answered

• Which are the high-growth segments/cash cows and how is the market segmented in terms of market directed specialty chemicals?
• What are market estimates and forecasts; which markets are doing well and which are not?
• Where are the gaps and opportunities; what is driving the market?
• Which are the key playing fields? Which are the winning edge imperatives?
• How is the competitive outlook; who are the main players in each of the segments; what are the key selling products; what are their strategic directives, operational strengths and product pipelines? Who is doing what?

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