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Bharatbook added a new report on “Power Market in Western Europe to 2020: Increasing Focus on Renewable Power to Change the Energy Mix” gives upcoming power plants in the top 10 Western Europe power markets.

Power Market in Western Europe to 2020: Increasing Focus on Renewable Power to Change the Energy Mix

The report gives an in-depth analysis of the top 10 Western Europe- power markets, (France, Germany, Austria, The United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Italy). . The research analyzes the regulatory framework and infrastructure of the power sector in these 10 countries. It provides a detailed forecast of the installed capacity by thermal, hydro, renewable and nuclear sources in each of the top 10 countries up to 2020. The report also includes detailed information on the active and upcoming power plants in the top 10 Western Europe power markets. ( )

Germany and France, Largest Power Markets by Installed Capacity in the Western Europe
Germany emerges as the largest power market by installed capacity among the Western Europe countries with a share of 21.5% in the total installed capacity. France is the second largest market having a share of 17.5% in total installed capacity. This was followed by Italy and Spain having a share of 14.7% and 14.2% in the total installed capacity. United Kingdom has a market share of 12.7% in total installed capacity and is the fifth largest country by installed capacity among the Western Europe countries.

Growing Economy in the Western Europe will Lead to Increased Generation and Consumption of Electricity
Most of the Western Europe countries will see a growth in electricity consumption. Increase in electricity consumption will require increased generation in the countries. This region has shown increased consumption during the period 2000-2008 due to industrialization, increasing population and extreme climate conditions. In the year 2009, the total consumption of the entire Western Europe declined due to the economic downturn. Since the industry sector, which consumes the highest percentage of electricity, was negatively affected by the global economic downturn, there was an overall decline in total power consumption during this period. With an upturn in the global economy expected from 2010, electricity consumption is expected to increase moderately during the forecast period 2010-2020. However, the electricity consumption will be strongly impacted by electricity prices and energy efficiency policies.

Changing Power Mix
At present, the region is heavily dependent on thermal fuel sources (coal, gas and oil) for power generation. For instance, countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Netherlands generate more than 50% of its power from thermal fuel sources. However, a change in the power generation mix in the region is expected in the future due to the shift in focus by the Western European countries onto other fuel sources such as renewables (solar, wind, etc.) and nuclear. Countries such as Germany, France, United Kingdom and Austria have set target to generate 30%, 20%, 15% and 34% respectively from renewable sources by 2020/ 2025. Focusing on clean sources, hydroelectricity has been central to meeting energy needs of Norway, Switzerland and Austria; it accounted for 60%-95% of the total generating capacity of the country.

Some countries are planning to consider nuclear power as an alternative of clean sources after renewables; nuclear power witnessed a considerable decline. Italy is planning to start the construction of its nuclear power plant by 2013 following the introduction of ‘National Energy Plan’ in September 2008. France leading in nuclear power is expected to reflect marginal increase of nuclear capacity. United Kingdom is expected to show moderate growth in nuclear power due to planned nuclear power plants. Countries like Austria and Norway forbid the construction of nuclear power plants due to nuclear prohibition laws.

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