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Bharatbook added a new report on “Stem Cells – The Hype and the Hope 2010-2025” which gives significant R&D developments in Stem Cell market as well as its up-and-coming technologies and products.

Stem Cells – The Hype and the Hope 2010-2025

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– what commercial prospects for those technologies in medicine?

In 2010, the stem cells market stands on the brink of technological and commercial breakthroughs, our new study explains. For the first time, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to invest significantly in the drive to create new treatments based on embryonic and adult stem cells. As this research gathers pace, with clinical trials commencing, the potential of stem cells in medicine may relatively soon be fulfilled. Results in animals indicate that stem cells may provide treatment options for a range of disorders and restorative applications including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injury, blindness, immune system disorders and cardiovascular disease. ( )

Stem Cells – The Hype and the Hope 2010-2025 provides an analytical overview of this burgeoning sector, with technologies and commercial potential discussed and forecasted. The sector will gather momentum as stem cell therapies start to emerge from the R&D pipeline from this decade onwards. In this report we assess the disease areas in which stem cell therapies are most likely to emerge, with overviews of the commercial and academic research being carried out in subsectors of healthcare. We analyse the short-, medium- and long-term prospects for stem cell breakthroughs in disease areas, providing the information that you require.

Our new report also provides a review of leading companies that currently seek to harness stem cell technologies. The research areas of each company are profiled, with discussion of the approaches being used. Some organisations are developing scalable therapies with allogeneic stem cells, while others investigate personalised treatments using autologous stem cells. Other organisations pursue research in the embryonic stem cells field, which has opened up in the US, with fewer obstacles and greater funding opportunities available since 2009. Some companies already generate revenues from stem cells by carving out market niches in stem cell supply, such as stem cells for drug development and toxicity assays, or services such as stem cell banking in umbilical cord blood. We analyse the main divisions of the market, providing revenue forecasts for 2010 to 2025.

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