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HTML clipboardGlobal market review of premium in-home dining – forecasts to 2014

The global premium in-home dining market is largest and most well-established in regions such as Western Europe and North America, where penetration of levels of convenience foods such as ready meals are highest. Sales of products aimed at in-home dining in the US, the UK and Japan were worth US$1.49bn in 2009, with the US market for premium frozen ready meals amounting to US$885m during this time. ( )

In both the US and the UK, the bulk of the market is made up of premium ready meals, although starters, appetisers and puddings are also starting to appear so as to replicate the restaurant experience more closely. Some suppliers have attempted to drive up quality levels in the in-home dining sector by using endorsements or branding from high-profile chefs, but despite the growing popularity of premium meals, this strategy has not always been successful.

The fortunes of the market are closely linked with the performance of the foodservice industry. The global economic downturn has had a major effect on the eating-out market, which has also suffered as a result of factors such as the smoking ban and the increasing appeal of the home as a venue for socialising and entertaining.

Sales of premium ready meals for in-home consumption are expected to remain highest in the UK and the US. In both countries, the share of the ready meals market taken by premium dishes is forecast to continue to rise.

This latest report provides a market overview of this fast-growing sector, looking at the major global markets, current trends, consumer dynamics, major suppliers, new product activity and forecasts for the next five years.

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