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Bharatbook added a new report on “Enhancing Loyalty Through Customer Centricity” into its market report catalogue for reselling.

Enhancing Loyalty Through Customer Centricity

Customer retention has always been vital in retail, but today it is even more so. As competition intensifies and sales are attained from taking share away from rivals, enhancing customer loyalty is critical. However, many retailers are not focusing on the core drivers of customer loyalty. Although loyalty schemes are beneficial, retailers first need to get the customer service basics right. ( )


* Having the right products in stock at the right time is crucial for achieving customer satisfaction
* Consumers expect to be able to shop with minimal time and effort involved
* Creating a customer service culture requires staff engagement


In an environment where attracting new customers is difficult and shopper frequency is falling, retailers need to concentrate on finding the fastest and easiest routes to protecting revenue through enhancing the loyalty of their customer bases.

Before considering costly loyalty schemes, retailers should first concentrate on providing the fundamentals of customer centricity. This report focuses on how range convenience and service.

Reasons to Purchase

* Understand the key drivers of customer loyalty in UK retail in 2010;
* Discover ways in which to enhance customer centricity

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