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Bharatbook added a new report on “Renewable Energy in Asia Pacific to 2020 – Increasing Small Hydro and Wind Power to Drive Industry Growth” which gives the factors influencing the growth of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy in Asia Pacific to 2020 – Increasing Small Hydro and Wind Power to Drive Industry Growth

The report provides an insight into the renewable energy market in Asia Pacific and provides forecasts up to 2020. The research analyzes the growth and evolution of the Asia Pacific renewable energy market up to 2009 and gives historical and forecast statistics for the period 2000-2020. This research also gives a detailed analysis of the market structures of all renewable energy technologies in the region and the regulatory policies that govern them. ( )

Rapid Economic Growth in Developing Countries is Driving Growth in Asia Pacific Renewable Power Market
The Asia Pacific region is home to the most rapidly developing economies with high economic growth rates. This economic growth has led to a rise in energy demand and consumption and therefore a shortage in many countries. Additionally, since the majority of energy is currently produced through conventional thermal sources it has led to an increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As a result there arises a need to develop renewable resources to ensure energy security and to address rising GHG emissions. Thus the share of renewables in the Asia Pacific energy mix is expected to rise from 4% in 2009 to about 13% in 2020 on the back of supportive government policies and incentives.

Infrastructural Bottlenecks are Restricting the Growth of Renewable Power
Insufficient supportive grid, transmission and distribution infrastructures in many countries might lead to the delay or cancellations of renewable power plant installations. The transmission and distribution of electricity generated from renewable sources might be affected due to low grid capacity and limited access to the national grid in many regions within the Asia Pacific countries. Thus, the weak transmission and distribution infrastructure has become a restricting factor in the growth potential of renewable energy.

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