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Bharatbook added a new report on “Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Market to 2020 – Netbooks, Laptops and Smart Phones to Fuel DDR2 and DDR3 Growth” gives revenue and volume of the DRAM Market.

Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Market to 2020 – Netbooks, Laptops and Smart Phones to Fuel DDR2 and DDR3 Growth

This report provides the key information and analysis on the market opportunities in the DRAM industry. The report provides a product – based forecast of DRAM up to 2020. The report covers the key market trends and growth forecasts for a wide range of DRAM applications that include the computing, communication, consumer electronics and infrastructure sectors. It also provides an analysis on the basis of geography up to 2020. Governments across the world are taking initiatives to come up with regulatory frameworks that support the promotion and development of efficient technologies. Governments have offered a number of measures to serve DRAM companies and to promote the DRAM market across the globe. ( )

This research work provides an indispensable assessment of the risks and drivers in the DRAM industry. It covers the technological innovation, consumer requirements and intense competition that are driving the DRAM market across the globe.

2010 Expected to be the Banner Year for the DRAM Industry
It predicts that the Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) industry will experience robust growth in revenues throughout 2010. Worldwide DRAM revenue is expected to near $40 billion in 2010, up 81% from $22 billion in 2009. Global DRAM sales volumes are forecast to go from 11 billion in 2009 to 16 billion by 2010. Both DRAM shipments and Average Selling Prices (ASPs) are anticipated to surge in 2010 due to stronger-than-estimated demand for Personal Computers (PCs) and mobiles.

DRAM Demand in Consumer Electronics is Anticipated to have Accelerated Growth from 2010 Onwards
The global DRAM market for consumer electronics is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.3% during the forecast period 2010–2020. The advanced technology and small form factor of DRAM makes it the first choice for use in consumer electronics, including in printers, car navigators, mobile phones, smart phones, gaming consoles, laptops and DVDs, among others.

Technology Innovation – an Area of Concern
Achieving technological breakthroughs is a key concern for global DRAM vendors. Industry players are keen to reduce the technology node for different types of DRAM in terms of size. They are investing heavily in Research and Development (R&D) in order to move from the incumbent 50nm technology to a much reduced technology node that lies in the range of 30 to 40 nanometer (nm). Samsung, in particular, has been leading the way in terms of technology node innovation and miniaturization. Other players in the DRAM industry are playing catch up, with vendors such as Elpida and Hynix recently moving into 40nm technology.

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