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Bharatbook added a new report on “EBS Substantial Service Good Story Package” which offers a range of “good stories” to enable the EBS license holder to meet substantial service requirements.

EBS Substantial Service Good Story Package

Educational Broadband Services spectrum license holders must, in order to preserve their licenses, meet “substantial service” guidelines by May 01, 2011 or forfeit those licenses to the FCC. Substantial service guidelines require the license holder to deploy a base station of some form and offer a “good story” as to how services from that base station will be employed. ( )

Deploying some form of wireless base station to operate on the license holder’s spectrum may not be that difficult. Determining an application and executing a strategy for the wireless network to meet the FCC’s “good story” may prove challenging. EBS spectrum licenses (approximately 2.5 GHz) coincide with the international standard for mobile WiMAX (802.16e) This package offers a range of “good stories” to enable the EBS license holder to meet substantial service requirements. Those “good stories” include:

1. WiMAX in Education

2. WiMAX in Public Safety

3. WiMAX in Healthcare

4. 4G and WiMAX for Smart Grid

This research provides guidance to the license holder in the “3 A’s” format of:

1. Access – what is the technology

2. Applications – how is the technology put to use

3. Affordability – how does the technology save the user money?

The National Educational Broadband Services Association (NEBSA) recommends license holders order their equipment by November 01, 2010 in order to meet FCC substantial services guidelines and preserve their licenses. Implementing a “good story” (education, public safety, healthcare, smart grid, etc) may require more time in terms of organization-wide coordination and budgeting of resources. Given the multi-million dollar value of many EBS licenses, the time to act on preserving licenses is now.

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