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Bharatbook added a new report on “Product Insights: Haircare in India” which gives the trends and major key players in the Indian Haircare Market.

Product Insights: Haircare in India

This report forms a part of the newly introduced product series titled “”Product Insights””. It aims to provide analysis to clients on the new product launches across various industry sectors ( )


* Examines new product launches in the Indian haircare market, segmented by key categories
* Contextualizes India in the new product launches globally
* Identifies the key players in the market leading the new product launches
* Provides an analysis on the new product launches by leading flavors, claims, packaging and price points


Globally, India ranked eighth in terms of the number of new products launched in the haircare market in 2009.

The majority of the new products launched in India were in the shampoo category. Shampoos, conditioners and styling agents collectively accounted for more than 80% of the new products launched in the market.

In 2009, claims such as “”men”” and “”pure”” were quite popular and featured prominently among all new haircare products launched in India while plastic was the most popular packaging material. Majority of products launched in the haircare market in India in 2009 were priced at less than INR100

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* Assess product innovation trends in your market
* Learn from successful new product launches

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