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The Copper Market Analysis, Financials and Forecasting 2010-2020

Copper is one the key commodities driving our civilisation and is a vital component in every electronic product and our global electrical infrastructure. The report analyses industry trends prevailing in the global copper industry and anticipates the progression in the market over the next decade. The report also surveys recent market trends among major companies and reveals where the market will experience growth, laying out the market’s strengths and weaknesses with targeted forecasts. ( )

This analysis has concluded that the global value of the copper market will reach $127bn in 2010. Copper is a vital material which is inextricably linked to economic development. As emerging economies grow, demand for copper will increase, strengthening the market for this vital commodity.

The Copper Market Analysis, Financials and Forecasting 2010-2020 report examines the scope of growth available in the copper industry through items such as wiring, cabling, utensils, household products, electrical appliances and construction projects including buildings and electrical transmission and distribution (T&D) networks. The report also discusses the developments related to the changing demographics of the world population, developing infrastructure, emerging economies, rising GDPs, and the impact of laws and regulations on the copper industry.

As the global copper market adapts to regional shifts on the demand and supply side, the future of the industry will look very different, allowing for growth opportunities. In emerging and mature markets, changing attitudes towards climate change, together with recent developments in antimicrobial technology, will provide new sources of demand growth. In Asia, traditional copper applications will dominate growth although the dominance of this region promises to affect significant changes in the global demand structure, providing interesting opportunities for scrap metal players. A full account of these developments is available within this report.

Which regions offer the most significant copper market growth opportunities between 2010 and 2020? Which regions are the leading consumers and producers of copper? What is the forecast copper commodity price from 2010-2020? To what extent is recycling driving sales of copper? Who are the leading companies in the copper market?

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