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Semiconductor Industry Forecast to 2012

Like many other markets, the ongoing economic recession has had considerable impact on the semiconductor industry with sales declined steeply worldwide. The systemic financial crisis has significantly resulted into the lack of liquidity, reduced industrial productions and weak consumer confidence that led to poor demand for electronic components and devices across the world. However, the semiconductor market is expected to rebound in 2010 with the improvement in market conditions worldwide. ( )

According to our new research report “Semiconductor Industry Forecast to 2012”, the global semiconductor sales declined by around 9% in 2009. However, the market has seen an improved scenario in 2010 on account of trailing crisis from later 2009. Moreover, the semiconductor market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 10.5% during 2011-2013.

Integrated circuits or ICs remain the most dominant segment of the semiconductor industry, accounted for around 84% of the total revenue in 2009 followed by optoelectronics, discrete and sensors. Our research projects that future growth will be driven by sensors followed by optoelectronics, discrete and ICs semiconductors with projected CAGR at around 17%, 15%, 11% and 8% respectively for the period 2011-2013.

At the regional level, our research projects that Asia-Pacific will account for more than half of the semiconductor market by the end of forecast period. Countries such as India and China will fuel demand for semiconductors in Asia-Pacific in coming years.

Our report provides an extensive research and thorough analysis of the semiconductor market across the globe. The report critically examines and provides unbiased view into the state of the global semiconductor industry, including current and future market size across various segments. It also highlights various potential application areas that continue to grow despite the global crisis.

Our report helps the clients to analyze trends and developments in the semiconductor market, giving exclusive insight into future potential of various countries analyzed in it. The report features exclusive forecast for various semiconductor segments including: integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors, optoelectronics, sensors, wafer processing equipment, assembly & packaging equipment, testing equipment, wafer fabrication materials and packaging material.

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