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Bharatbook added a new report on “B2C E-Commerce and Internet Trends in 18 Eastern European Countries, September 2010” which gives the Leading B2C E-Commerce Players and growth of Internet trends in European countries.

B2C E-Commerce and Internet Trends in 18 Eastern European Countries, September 2010

Overview of Eastern European online retail
Leading European online retailers have closely followed the dynamic increase in internet use in Eastern Europe over the last few years. Although not yet up to Western standards, almost all Eastern European markets are experiencing strong growth. This is the insight gleaned from the latest report titled “B2C E-Commerce and Internet Trends in 18 Eastern European Countries, September 2010”. ( )

The most important Eastern European online markets: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic
In Russia B2C e-commerce is a particularly promising segment, attracting more and more international companies such as eBay. For 2010 a strong growth in revenue of 30% is expected for all online retail activities in Russia. Household appliances and telecommunications products are among the most popular categories. In Poland 25% of all consumers bought products online in 2009, while revenue generated from online retail accounted for 3.2 billion EUR. For 2010 a growth rate of 18% is expected, which is believed to be largely attributed to online auction platforms. After the take-over of online shop by its competitor, a Polish counterpart to is being established.

In 2009, in the Czech Republic the number of internet users over the age of 40 grew compared to the prior year, while the number of internet users below the age of 30 decreased. The most important B2C online retailer in August 2010 was with 1.6 million unique visitors, followed by with 0.8 million unique visitors.

Dynamic markets in the region: Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine
In Slovakia a positive trend has been observed in the B2C e-commerce segment. Online retailers expect a 25% growth in revenue for 2010 and a 50% plus in purchases. Slovenia has also experienced dynamic movement in its online retail business. The most important product categories are clothing and sporting goods. In Hungary 30% of the population still considers online shopping too risky. In the Ukraine online shops have gained in popularity; however, certain products such as computer hardware are purchased using online auction platforms.

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