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Bharatbook added a new report on “Vietnam Solid Waste Market Analysis” which gives extensive research and objective analysis of Vietnam solid waste management industry potential. By RNCOS.

Vietnam Solid Waste Market Analysis

Vietnam is currently one of the fastest growing and untapped solid waste management markets in the Asia-Pacific region. According to our new research report the business and social environment in Vietnam has become favorable for foreign investments owing to the WTO accession and relaxed regulatory policies. This in turn promoted fast industrialization and urbanization. Urban population rose to 31.7 Million and accounted for 37% of the national population in the first half of 2009. This trend has intensified in 2010 and the share of urban population further increased which infused municipal solid waste generation growth to reach new height. ( )

Among the sectors, industrial solid waste is growing at the fastest rate in the country. Sectors including, food and beverages, wearing apparel, tanning and dressing of leather, wood and products of wood, fabricated metal products are the backbone of Vietnam’s industrial sector and together represent 65% of all industrial employment and 57% of all industrial firms in the country. Amid the fast developments in industrial production, the industrial solid waste generation has reached an estimated 5.7 Million Tons in 2010. It is anticipated that the industrial solid waste management market will continue to post phenomenal growth at a CAGR of around 19% during 2011-2014.

The government has approved the waste management strategy outlining specific plans to 2025. The plan states that any organization or individual releasing waste that causes pollution must pay for damages. By 2025, the government aims for developments of solid waste recycling plant in all cities for households to dispose and treat their waste. In addition, to control pollution, 100% of solid waste from urban areas and toxic and non-toxic industrial solid waste will be collected and treated. Besides, 90% of construction solid waste and rural residential solid waste also aimed to be collected and treated.

The report is an outcome of extensive research and objective analysis of Vietnam solid waste management industry potential. It provides historical, current and future trends of solid waste generation along with potential market for all three prominent sectors – municipal, industrial and rural sectors. In addition, thorough analysis of emerging industry trends and drivers has also been covered to provide a balanced research outlook of concerned market.

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