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Bharatbook added a new report on “Location based advertising 2010-2015” which gives in depth analysis of the location based advertising market and the role of services play in the market.

Location based advertising 2010-2015

Latest exclusive report on location based advertising examines how the location-based services market has experienced huge growth over the past two years and how the potential for the next five years is immense in the LBA sector. ( )

The report focuses on how market consolidation has been crucial to future potential and development. Companies such as Nokia and Microsoft have drawn attention to the market and actualized location based ambitions. However LBS start-up companies such as Foursquare and Gowalla should not be overlooked, as services such as these have drawn public attention and demand. GPS and navigational technology & services have played a huge role in the market rise and consumer uptake.

It believes that the anticipation of location based services has long been present and the recent advancement of user interface, processors and screen technology has finally brought the ambition of LBS to reality. The rise in smartphones and the addition of GPS technology in handsets has allowed the embrace and possibilities of LBA to begin. This report will produce an in depth analysis of the location based advertising market and the role of services which power it, including various products and services available and specific technological standard data.

Among others, this report looks at the following questions:

* Why location based advertising is important to the mobile market?
* How will operators and manufacturers benefit?
* What effect will location based advertising have on other advertising methods such as online and televised?
* Which types of businesses will benefit from location based advertising?
* What are the types of location based services currently available on the market?
* How are well established search providers developing in the market?
* How will location based advertising compare with Internet based advertising?
* What opportunities exist for search in location based advertising?
* What role will local search and services play in the market?
* How location based advertising is beneficial to the consumer?

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