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Bharatbook added a new report on “The World Market for Diabetes Treatments” which discusses treatment for diabetes complications and natural and herbal treatments.

The World Market for Diabetes Treatments

The World Market for Diabetes Treatments, provides market estimates and forecasts for the world market for diabetes treatments. The diabetes market is one of the fastest growing markets within the pharmaceutical sector, and is one of the few pharmaceutical sectors that are likely to continue to grow at double digit rates throughout the forecast period. Major contributing factors to growth are increasing obesity and an aging worldwide population. ( )

The total market for diabetes treatments is divided into two major segments:

* Insulin Markets in US, Europe, Japan, ROW
* Oral Hypoglycemics in US, Europe, Japan, ROW

For each of these market segments the report provides market share and regional breakout (US, Europe, Asia, ROW). The report also discusses treatment for diabetes complications and natural and herbal treatments.

The report’s geographic scope is worldwide with information for specific geographical regions; world demographics; life expectancy by country, and other general issues affecting the market. Trends covered in the report include:

* New Products and the Development Pipeline (Afrezza, Bydureon, Syncria, AVE0010, Balaglitazone, Metgluna Otelixizumab and others)
* Transplantation Research Efforts
* ?-Cell Transplantation Research
* Potential New Drug for Type 2 Diabetes
* Insulin Pills
* Three-month Insulin Shot
* Outsourcing of Diabetes Projects
* Reclassification of Cause of Death

Information is presented as a worldwide overview, with special emphasis on the U.S., Europe, and other key markets.

A market summary includes market analysis by product and region and a competitive analysis of leading providers. Additionally, key company profiles are included, including profiles of the following:

* Amylin Pharmaceuticals
* AstraZeneca
* GlaxoSmithKline
* Eli Lilly & Co.
* Merck
* Metabolex, Inc.
* Novo Nordisk A/S
* Pfizer Inc.
* Sanofi-Aventis Group
* Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

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