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Bharatbook added a new report on “Telecom Towers Market in India 2010” covering the telecom tower market which shows huge growth potential. It is a part of Telecom Industry Series reports.

Telecom Towers Market in India 2010

Tower infrastructure is increasingly becoming independent of telecom operators in India. Given the rapid increase in number of telecom subscribers and teledensity, the industry shows huge growth potential for players to expand network coverage and services. The industry, which is growing at 20% per annum, is also driven by the favourable initiatives provided by the government. A large number of players are resorting to infrastructure sharing to accommodate the overall growth in subscribers in the urban and rural areas. Recent 3G auctions are also likely to benefit the market. The sector is also characterized by increasing number of mergers & acquisitions and growing outsourcing of network services helping players to reduce their overall capital expenditure. Due to worldwide focus on global warming, players are also increasingly looking at solar power as a substitute source of energy for towers in India. ( )

The report begins with the market overview section highlighting the telecom tower requirements in India. The cost break up and description of different types of telecom towers in India is also highlighted. This is followed by the information regarding the various business models followed in India with regards to erection of towers and its related infrastructure. A section on infrastructure sharing highlights the types of sharing associated with telecom towers. It also identifies the key benefits of sharing for players in the market. A sample tower profitability matrix has also been prepared to analyze the profit for players.

The key factors of growth for the market have been analyzed. An analysis of these drivers explains the factors for growth of the industry including growth in subscribers, emergence of solar power as a positive source of energy, introduction of new technologies like 3G and spectrum scarcity. The key challenges identified encompass challenges faced in rural set up and increasing pollution and radiations. This is followed by the government regulations section which provides a brief description of the major government bodies operating in this sector. The key initiatives taken by the government on account of boosting the sector have been analyzed including the role and regulation of the government in terms of infrastructure sharing.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape of the market highlighting the current market share of the tower companies on account of the number of towers operational under their banner. It also provides a detailed matrix of major telecom players in India with their current subscriber base and the respective tower infrastructure providers. It also includes detailed profiles of major players present in the market. This is followed by the mergers & acquisitions section which gives a snapshot of the major deals that have happened in the sector over the past year. It also highlights the PE investments in the sector. A key developments section has also been provided highlighting the developments in the market over the past year.

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