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Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Kozhikode, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Kanpur and Yale University today formed a historic partnership to advance higher education in India

A memorandum of understanding was signed by Dr Sanjay Dhande (Director of IIT – Kanpur) and Dr Richard Levin (President of Yale University), Dr Debashis Chatterjee (Director of IIM – Kozhikode), on October 28, 2010 in New Delhi in the presence of Mr Kapil Sibal, Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India.

The partnership between IIM – Kozhikode, Yale and IIT – Kanpur is slated to be part of the Singh Obama Knowledge Initiative, that was established by the governments of India and the United States during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s state visit with President Barack Obama during November 2009. The IIM-IIT – Yale agreement comes only one week before President Obama’s state visit to India in November 2010 and represents an important effort to advance India-U.S. bilateral cooperation in the area of higher education. Yale President Richard Levin stated, “Yale is pleased to undertake this important and much needed effort on higher education with IIM – Kozhikode and IIT – Kanpur. We look forward to working with them to advance the cause of higher education in India by sharing what we have learned over three centuries as an institution and we similarly look forward to learning from our partners in India in this age of global education.”

IIM – Kozhikode Director Debashis Chatterjee stated, “Our relationship with Yale will foster excellence and lend a much needed global perspective to higher education in India. IIM – Kozhikode, IIT – Kanpur, and Yale University are great institutions in themselves – and together, this synergy will chart out a new landscape for Indian higher education.”

IIT – Kanpur Director Sanjay Dhande stated, “As the Indian higher education system expands in the coming years, the need for high quality academic leadership will be critical. Yale has already done excellent work in this area. The IIM – Kozhikode / IIT – Kanpur initiative with Yale willnot only help the technical institutions, but the central as well as state universities in India also.”

The partnership, which will take effect from January 2011, will be sited in two new Centers of Excellence for Academic Leadership (CEAL) that are being established at IIM – Kozhikode and IIT – Kanpur by the Ministry for Human Resource Development, Government of India. The partnership will begin with a term of five years, and could be renewed thereafter.

The flagship program of the partnership will be a new “India-Yale University Leadership Program,” to be developed by Yale University in consultation with IIM – Kozhikode and IIT – Kanpur, that will expose university and academic leaders in India at the levels of vice-chancellor, director, and deans to the best practices of academic adminstration and institutional management in the United States.

Yale University, IIM – Kozhikode, and IIT – Kanpur would also engage in joint faculty research on higher education and colloborate to organize workshops and seminars on relevant areas of academic administration and leadership all in an effort to support the advancement and development of higher education in India. The first programs under the agreement would take place in 2011 in New Haven, Connecticut.

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