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Report on Indian Manganese Ore Industry

World demand for manganese and ferro alloy products depends directly on the outlook of the steel industry. Over 90% of the world’s production of manganese is utilized in the desulphurization and strengthening of steel. ( )

Demand for manganese ore and ferro alloys has increased considerably due to the increase in the production of steel. According to the National Steel Policy, 2005, projected steel production is likely to double within a decade’s time. In view of this, there is likely to be a huge demand gap between the availability and requirement of ferro alloys if the production of ferro alloys fails to match the growth in production of steel.

During CY 09, global manganese ore production decreased by approximately 9% on a year-on-year basis to 35 million tonnes when compared with the previous year. Despite the adverse conditions, ore production in India and Australia remained in the positive zone. In terms of the mined manganese content, only India and China continued to remain in the positive territory largely on account of an increase in mining activity in the third and fourth quarter of CY09.

‘Indian Manganese Ore Industry’ provides forecast on the domestic manganese ore industry based on its outlook on the steel and stainless steel industry. It forecasts are based on its in-depth knowledge of the metal industry and interaction with key industry players. The report additionally enables the reader to understand the structure of the manganese ore industry, along with different manganese alloy properties and their applications. The report also covers country-wise global manganese ore reserves base and the leading manganese ore producers.

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