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World Aquaculture to 2014 : Feed, Equipment & Chemicals

Increasing appetite for fish to drive global demand
World demand for aquaculture supplies and equipment is projected to exceed $80 billion in 2014, buoyed by increasing aquaculture production and consumer demand for fish. Commercialization of farming across the world and increasing intensities of production will necessitate the use of commercial grade feeds, chemicals and biologicals as well as more mechanization on fish farms. ( )

Farmed fish will continue to meet the supply gap as fish demand outpaces wild fish capture. Demand for fish is expected to continue to outpace growth in other global food sources such as livestock and agriculture. Almost 50 percent of the fish produced by 2014 will be farmed. Finfish like carp and tilapia and shellfish like shrimp will dominate aquaculture production.

Asia/Pacific region to remain dominant market
Asia/Pacific is projected to account for over 80 percent of global demand for aquaculture supplies and equipment in 2014. Of this, China alone will consume three fourths of the total. This is in direct correlation to the region’s global dominance in aquaculture production. Several factors contribute to the huge aquaculture production turnover from Asia: a long coastline; tropical and temperate weather suitable to rearing aquatic species; low labor costs in a hitherto labor intensive industry; strong local demand as well as export competitiveness; integrated farming practices enabling multiple crops and better land and resource utilization; and a growing manufacturing base for supplies and inputs.

Demand of aquaculture supplies and equipment in all other regions will increase as well with the highest growth in Africa/Mideast at 13 percent annually and lowest in North America at 8 percent per year. North America is projected to have the highest unit value of aquaculture supplies and equipment as both the cost of production and input costs are higher here than in other parts of the world.

Aquafeeds to remain largest product category
Aquafeeds are expected to remain the largest product category. Feed demand overall for each species will be commensurate with the growth in production of that species. However, industrially produced feed demand will be higher than that for farm made feeds. The global feed market is projected to reach 37.5 million metric tons by 2014. Other significant supplies and equipment expected to register good growth include chemicals and biologicals, specifically water treatment products and feed additives. As farming becomes more intensive and industrialized across the world, farmers will have to resort to using external water treatment inputs to maintain good pond ecology and animal health. The pressing need to reduce dependence on fishmeal in aquafeeds and improve the efficiency of feeds will make feed additives a necessary inclusion in production practices.

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