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Report on Chinese Service Outsourcing Industry, 2011-2012

Outsourcing refers that enterprises outsource their non-core business to other enterprises, so that the enterprises can lower the cost, raise efficiency and optimize their core competitiveness. Currently, there are over 3,000 Service Outsourcing enterprises in China. They would support software development and project maintenance, or be private teachers, securities and even doctors of foreigners through Internet, or establish call centers in their cities for multinational companies. ( )

Economic globalization is now developing into a new stage, with global industries transferring from manufacture industry to service industry. Service outsourcing has become a major trend of the development of service globalization. Since the end of 1980, some multinational companies of developed countries have begun to outsource their non-core business of IT service to those professional service suppliers with lower cost so as to save their own cost and raise operating efficiency and core competitiveness. After rapid development of 20 years, today’s service outsourcing industry has owned a considerable scale. Its business has expanded from original IT Service Outsourcing to higher-level business process outsourcing, both of which have become the main business of current service outsourcing industry. It is predicted that the value of global offshore service outsourcing market will reach at least USD 1.6 trillion by 2020.

Chinese service outsourcing industry is still in the initial stage, but it has huge potential. China has huge labor resource, complete infrastructure and growing economy. Integrating the rapid expansion and development of domestic offshore service outsourcing market will become a new strength in international competition.

From this report, readers can obtain more information:

-Development of Global and Chinese Service Outsourcing Market
-Policy Climate of Chinese Service Outsourcing Market
-Competition on Chinese Service Outsourcing Market
-Major Enterprises in Chinese Service Outsourcing Market
-Factors affecting Chinese Service Outsourcing Market
-Trend for Chinese Service Outsourcing Market

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