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China Sourcing Report Household & Kitchen Appliances

In China’s household and kitchen appliances industry, suppliers are improving product characteristics to increase appeal in the various overseas markets. Specific efforts include the utilization of advanced components and improved inner structures to enhance energy efficiency and performance.

In addition, many companies will be shifting their focus to the high-end segment, where margins are wider and competition is not as fierce.

The imposition of such measures coupled with strengthening demand from key markets is leading to a generally optimistic export outlook, with nearly all suppliers anticipating higher international shipments across the next 12 months.

This report covers toasters and toaster ovens, water dispensers, coffee makers, electric kettles, electric cookers, food processors, water heaters, electric fans, vacuum cleaners, electric irons, and air treatment and heating appliances.

What you’ll get

* In-depth profiles of 43 major suppliers with a comprehensive look at their manufacturing and export capability, verified contact details, and more – this information is not available anywhere else
* 195 full-color images that depict popular household and kitchen appliances export models, complete with product descriptions, prices, minimum order requirements and delivery times
* Verified supplier contact details of an additional 20 exporters, including names, e-mails, telephone numbers and websites
* Supplier information in tabular format to help you compare companies at a glance
* Results of the custom-designed supplier survey, which forecasts industry trends for the next 12 months
* An extensive overview of the industry discussing the main challenges facing suppliers
* An in-depth examination of the supplier base highlighting key characteristics of different types of companies
* Details of the primary production centers
* An update of the latest trends in design, R&D, materials and components
* A review of the key factors that influence the price and quality of low-end, midrange and high-end products
* Comprehensive pricing tables featuring export price ranges
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