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Global Biofuels Industry

Global Biofuels Industry

Although biofuels are mainly used to replace or supplement the traditional petroleum-based transportation fuels, they can also be deployed to generate heat and electricity. Being an alternative to fossils, biofuels can be applied to existing vehicles with little or no engine modification. Although they release CO2 when burned in internal combustion engines, they differ from fossil fuels partly because their use reduces the net emission of carbon dioxide and other gases associated with global climate change and partly because they are biodegradable.

There is a lot happening in the field of biofuels, and to capture these, Aruvian’s R’search brings you the complete guide to the Global Biofuels Industry. The economics of biofuels, issues facing the industry, regulatory barriers as well as incentives, technologies involved, major types of biofuels, and many other topics are discussed in depth in this report. Grab a copy of this report and get up-to-date on A to Z of biofuels.

Key Chapters :

A. Executive Summary

B. What are Biofuels?
History of Biofuels
Major Biofuels
Uses of Biofuels
What are Direct Biofuels?
Looking at Biobutanol
Looking at Ethanol
Looking at Biodiesel
Pros & Cons of Biofuels
Future of Biofuels

B. Global Scenario: Biofuels & Transport
European Union
United States

C. Economics of Biofuels
Feedstock Costs
Processing Costs
Costs of Sales and Use
Overall Cost
Retail Cost
Tax Incentives

D. Impact of Biofuels
Environmental & Economic Impact of Biofuels
Impact on Emissions and Overall Vehicle Performance
Impact on Engines
Impact on Rural Development

E. Emission of Pollutants and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

F. Viability of Biofuels

G. Metamorphosis of Energy Industry & Biofuels

H. Types of Biofuel Programs

I. New & Upcoming Technologies

J. Brazil’s Ethanol Industry & Popularity of Biofuels

K. Appendix

L Glossary of Terms

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