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Bharatbook added a new report on “Investment in Renewable Technologies Worldwide” which gives the complete analysis of the renewable industry, focusing on the various types of renewable technologies.

Investment in Renewable Technologies Worldwide

Renewable energy is energy derived from resources that are regenerative or for all practical purposes can not be depleted. Renewable energy sources contribute approximately 29.3% of human energy use worldwide. ( )

Mankind’s traditional uses of wind, water, and solar power are widespread in developed and developing countries; but the mass production of electricity using renewable energy sources has become more commonplace only recently, reflecting the major threats of climate change due to pollution, exhaustion of fossil fuels, and the environmental, social and political risks of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

This report on Investment in Renewable Technologies Worldwide brings you a complete analysis of the renewables industry, focusing on the various types of renewable technologies available today, the economics of each, challenges and barriers to the growth of each technology, research and development scenario in renewable energies, lifecycle analyses, among others. With the world realizing the potential of renewable energies, this report serves as the complete intelligence on this industry.

Key chapters of the report :

A. Executive Summary
B. Introduction to the Energy Crisis
Effect on Economy
Historical Crises
Future and Alternative Sources of Energy
C. The Investment Case for Renewable Power
D. Introduction to Hydropower
E. Wind Power
F. Biomass
G. Solar Power
H. R&D Needs for Renewable Energy Technology in Industrialized Countries
I. Environmental Externalities, Market Distortions & the Economics of Renewable Energy Technologies
J. Measuring the Contribution to the Economy of Investments in Renewable Energy
K. Future Outlook
L. Appendix
M. Glossary of Terms

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