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Trends and Developments in the Indian Power Market

The Indian power sector is going through a phase of organic growth, witnessing positive changes in terms of reforms and opportunities for the players across the value chain


*Power generation and distribution should continue to attract private investment. In turn, this should benefit OEM and EPC players

*The economy”s recovery from the recent market downturn should ease the financing of these projects and help industry take a more dynamic growth path


Power generation capacity addition is expected to grow in tandem with demand growth. However, due to historical lag this would not be sufficient and would call for a more pro-active generation capacity addition

Opening of power exchanges would help in managing peak load demand by providing platform for electricity trading. However, the fragile funding model for merchant power is expected to hamper trading volumes at exchanges, which requires further Government intervention in easing the overall trading process and encouraging private participation.

Reasons to Purchase

*First section gives a macro level overview of the Indian power market, highlighting the key opportunities across the value chain

*Next section analyzes some niche sectors that could further augment the opportunities briefed in the previous section

*Final section evaluates some fundamental feasibility concerns in India

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