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India Education Industry Demand and Opportunities

Education industry is one of the fastest developing sector worldwide, generating large scale revenues and employment. The Global education industry is the second-largest industry after healthcare. It had a market size of ~US$ ~ trillion in 2009 grew from US$~ trillion in 2007. ( )

In terms of geography, the US has the largest share in the global education market. The global number of mobile students has increased 53% since 1999. China sends the maximum number of students abroad for global education and the United States hosts the maximum number of students globally.

In India, Private professional institutes are expanding with a strong growth rate which has opened the doors for foreign universities. These days coaching classes are gaining popularity due to rising competition and heavy load of studies. Also there is an opportunity in the test preparation market in India, though institutes are expanding with a continuous growth rate but still there is high potential of growth.

The report “Education Industry demand and Opportunities- India” gives a detailed description of industry performance, formal and non-formal education system, market size by segments and student enrolment by segments. It also talks about industry trends and growth potential of foreign universities. There are many players participating in the market, Educomp Solutions, Everonn Systems and NIIT are the largest players within the space. The present report has profiled these three players with business overview, financial performance and business strategies.


• Gives an overview of the Global Education sector.
• Analyses past performance, present market and future opportunities with reasons of change.
• Describes sector by detailed description of industry segments and market size. Provides formal and non-formal education industry size, also market size of its sub-segments like pre-school, K12, Higher education, test preparation, coaching classes, etc.
• Discusses industry players positioning, market share, profile and scope for foreign players.

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