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Bharatbook added a new report on “Education Industry in Europe” which gives the European educational activities and their programs.

Education Industry in Europe

The Report “Education Industry in Europe” offers a comprehensive analysis of education industry growth in various parts of the region (Belgium, UK and Britain). The report analysis the market trends as well as the challenges posed by the global economic slowdown, amongst the others. The global industry has mainly been driven by the increasing urbanization and globalization. The report also throws light upon the recent industry trends/issues accounting for changes in demand. It analyzes the global market in the context of growth patterns of the industry, European market, and changes by geography. Further, the study analyzes the performance and functioning of the leading players in the Global education industry. ( )

Worldwide, E-education market is a burgeoning segment with high growth potential in the industry. In 2007-08, US constituted 60% of the global market and Europe accounted for 15% market. These days higher education sector has grown from 101 million students in 2000 to 153 million students in 2007.

At present two thirds of international students are located in six major destination countries: USA; UK; France; Australia; Germany and Japan with Canada, South Africa, the Russian Federation and Italy also hosting significant numbers.

EU educational activities and programs are focused on pan-European educational reform. Masters degree has become an important part of the education in the region with continuously growing demand. In Europe, Belgium has the highest standard of the education, comprised of all of the public and private institutions and providers who engage in educational activities.


• Performance of Masters Degree in Europe helps the industry players to analyses further scope in the market and directs to make strategies.
• The number of student population in Belgium highlights the need of new teaching techniques and bright future of vocational training market.
• Growing E-learning demand helps the IT players to build new technologies which will give an ease and build the E-learning industry stronger.
• UK education statistics helps the private players to formulate strategies.

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