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Bharatbook added a new report on “Cleantech Energy Investing” which gives the Overview of the Cleantech Investing Market.

Cleantech Energy Investing

Energy consumption is rapidly growing around the world. The modernization of emerging economies (such as India and China) has increased pressures on traditional energy providers (as well as increasing environmental concerns). As fossil fuel reserves dwindle, there is a growing need for clean energy supplies. Clean energies have emerged as an alternative for the fossil fuels, but many technologies still do not display the same level of efficiency and maturity compared to more traditional sources. ( )

Investments remain a key growth factor, as many technologies present technical limitations to practical use. Many existing cleantech technologies cannot compete with coal energy, with is used as the current benchmark when evaluating feasibility. Subsidies are an important key of the clean technologies puzzle, but if these technologies are unable to develop long-term comparables, they run the risk of being relegated to niche products. This is especially true of renewable technologies.

This new Energy reports delves into the global investments patterns dedicated to developing and commercializing these technologies. It covers a significant range of technologies and geographies to gain a greater understanding of the global investments market. After interviewing close to a dozen key stakeholders of the clean energy technology sector and doing extensive documentary research, we were able to build this report.

Exploring investment growth in seven energy producing technologies (solar, wind, biofuel, hydro, geothermal, nuclear and clean coal) and eleven geographies (the United States, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, China, India, Japan and Australia), it is an essential tool for any manager looking for a global clean energy investment perspective within a single document.

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