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Bharatbook added a new report on “2011 Outlook for the Global Communications Industry” into its market report catalogue for reselling.

2011 Outlook for the Global Communications Industry

This report profiles the key development trends of the global communications industry in 2011, covering the topics of shipment value, emerging markets, chipset platforms, application stores, industry competition, new products and technologies, and new industry segments. Also analyzed is the major Taiwanese equipment manufacturers’ contribution to the shipment performance of the industry. ( )

Key chapters of the report :

1. Shipment Value
2. Emerging Markets
2.1 Wireless Broadband
2.2 Wired Broadband
3. Chipset Platforms
3.1 PC Industry Seeing Minimization of Profits
3.2 Value-line Smartphone Manufacturers Expected to See Dwindling Profits in 2011
3.3 The Break of Performance-Price Tie for the Overall Smartphone Industry
4. Application Stores
4.1 Mobile Phone Platform Operators to Reap Profits
4.2 TV Vendors to Start Seeing Growth
4.3 Telecom Operators’ Development Limited
5. Industry Competition
5.1 Apple and RIM Make Higher Profits despite Limited Market Capitalization Shares
5.2 Branded Vendors to Strengthen Application Services in the Future
6. New Products and Technologies
6.1 Femtocell
6.2 IP Camera
6.3 PLC
6.4 Smart TV Box
6.5 WiMo
6.6 WiDi
6.7 Bluetooth 4.0
7. New Industry Segments
7.1 LTE
7.2 Mobile Internet of Things

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