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Bharatbook added a new report on “UK Accessories Retailing 2010” gives Profiles of the top 17 accessories retailers including in depth analysis of their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

UK Accessories Retailing 2010

UK Accessories Retailers 2010 delivers comprehensive analysis of the key issues facing retailers in the sector. It examines the top 17 accessories retailers, including key operating statistics, accessories market shares and analysis of the opportunities in the market for individual retailers. ( )

Scope of this research

* Spending trends in accessories, split down into men’s, women’s and children’s and forecasted to 2013
* Profiles of the top 17 accessories retailers including in depth analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
* The accessories market is analysed in detail and includes market share information on the leading operators and the main channels of distribution

Research and analysis highlights

In 2009 accessories has proved the most resilient sector in clothing, with expenditure growth of 3.2%. Consumers have continued to buy into accessories as a cost effective way of updating an outfit. Investing in accessories offers good value for money as they can be used with various outfits. Many styles provide good longevity, too.

Women’s accessories has grown the most over 2005-2009, by 24.7%. Accounting for 73.0% of all accessories, women’s accessories is the main driver of the sector, followed by men’s at 19.2% and children’s at 7.8%. While children’s accessories are becoming more popular, many tweenage children are trading up into adult ranges.

There are two types of accessories shoppers: the purposeful shopper who goes shopping with a particular accessory in mind; and the impulse shopper who purchases accessories while shopping for clothing, enticed to do so by seeing items that co-ordinate well. It is essential that clothing specialists provide for both types of customer.

Key reasons to purchase this research

* Identify the key trends and issues for accessories retailers and design strategies to exploit opportunities and minimise risk
* Benchmark your performance against the 17 leading accessories retailers’ key operating statistics
* Comprehensive consumer spending information on men’s, women’s and children’s accessories sets the context for the market

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