Bharat Book Bureau announces inclusion of latest report on “Global Theft Statistics”(’s in-house team of experts constantly monitor theft trends and patterns on a global level and for the first time is offering these historical statistics as a consolidated report along with exclusive commentary and analysis. Twenty of the most important markets are analysed individually and comparatively to produce the most reliable, at-a-glance view of global vehicle theft data.

This report provides a global overview of vehicle theft statistics and trends. It includes comparative analysis and top level commentary as well as historical theft data and trends on a country-by-country basis in order for readers to understand global market forces and requirements. Although statistics alone do not give a true indication of the problem or the solution, they are what the governments and insurance organisations look at in order to gauge whether or not they should react to vehicle crime.

This report will help you:

* Compare the latest trends and comparative risk of 20 strategic global markets
* Decide what markets are important or should be considered for a roll-out of security systems
* Predict future changes in legislation that will impact on future designs
* Understand what theft statistics mean and how they compare between markets

Recent Trends

Most countries throughout this study require a basic level of security such as an electronic immobiliser. The increase in fitment of these systems on new vehicles means that the volume of cars that are easy to steal has dropped and there is a matching effect on theft statistics over the past 10 years. However, more recently some of those countries have now started to see an increase caused by global recession. The report shows the recent trend for each of the 20 countries in terms of total thefts and percentage change.

Trend Over Time

For each country in this study, SBD show the theft data between 2000 and 2009 (where available). By comparing the same data source over time, the pattern of theft can be better understood and it is clear which countries have benefited from change and which have not. Numbers of thefts and the risk ratio for each year is provided for each country alongside a short commentary about the trend shown.

Comparative Risk

To compare theft statistics across different countries, the total number of thefts in each country cannot be used because the countries are different sizes and have different total numbers of cars available to be stolen (known as the car parc). To indicate the risk of theft, the total number of thefts divided by the total car parc can be expressed as a risk level ratio that is comparable from one country to the next. This report clearly compares the risk level in each country to enable a real comparison of the scale of theft across the world.

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